An aesthetic and attractive Buttock is the most important supplementary element in body lines and legs seen from behind and the side. An ideally aesthetic buttock could be described as a buttock that doesn’t protrude from the sides when seen from the front and back, with a mild curve towards outside and upside proportionate to the abdominal curve when seen from the side.

Treatment Details


How To Prepare Before The Surgery?

General rules apply for buttock prothesis are; stop taking or regulating Aspirin and other blood-diluting drugs least 1 week before the surgery, not consuming vitamins (such as vitamin e), herbal products (tomato seeds, cherry stalk etc) herbal teas, not taking any alcohol within 24-48 hours before the surgery, quitting smoke 3 weeks before the surgery and not smoking in the recovery period after the surgery.

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Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan Details

  • Stay in Turkey :  2-3 Days
  • Stay in Hospital :  1 Day
  • Operation Type : General anesthesia
  • Companion  : Not needed. Patient can take care of herself/himself.
  • Surgery Time  : 2 Hours

Surgery Details

How Is Buttock Prosthesis Operation Performed and How Is The Period After The Surgery?

Buttock prosthesis operations are performed under general anesthesia. It takes about 2 hours in average. Patients usually stay in the hospital for one night. The body movements are not limited after Buttock prosthesis procedures except sitting position. The patient could return to normal work life after 10 days. Buttock prosthesis operation is not a very painful operation; there could be tension and irritation for the first 48 hours. These could easily be relieved with painkillers. The patients could experience a mild difficulty in sitting after the operation. The patients have to use special support for the first 4 weeks. Heavy exercise, especially running should not be performed until the sixth week. The disappearance of edema and obtaining the final shape of the prosthesis after the operation could take 2-3 months.

How Are Scars In Buttock Prosthesis Operation?

Buttock prosthesis is placed at the proper place (under the muscle) by making a medium, even small cut, and the cut stays hidden under the underwear. The scares usually take an indistinctive form in time and they are hidden scars. Still, the healing of the scar is specific to the person in question. Very rarely, some patients may experience excessive scar healing (cheloid, hypertrophic scar).