PRP is the process of concentrating the clotting cells 10-20 times by centrifuging a sample of blood taken from a special tube of the individual, transforming into growth factors and delivering the 90% pure plasma cells to the targeted region by small injections.

The purpose of PRP treatment is to ensure the renewal of the worn tissues and delay aging.

The blood cells inside, the growth factors increase the rate of growth and regeneration of collagen tissue and support the stem cell development.

PRP is a very effective way to create a firmer, healthier skin and vivid hair as well as to reduce shiny and fine wrinkles.

The application helps stop the current hair from falling off, following the hair transplantation. It also allows newly transplanted hair to grow faster and stronger.

PRP is a method that increases the durability and effectiveness of other facial and skin rejuvenation treatments (botox, fill, laser, ultrasound, peeling, oil graft).

Treatment Details


Should be considered before application;

Before application, herbal teas, and tablets, as well as blood thinners such as aspirin, should not be taken.

Make-up should not be done within 24 hours after application. Patient must be protected from the sun.

There is no risk of an allergic reaction as it is prepared from patient’s own blood. After application, there may be a small amount of redness, bruising and swelling. But it disappears within a few days.

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How It Can Be Applied?

The PRP, applied in sessions, starting with at least 3 sessions with 4-week intervals.

Control and supportive care should be performed once or twice a year to ensure the continuity of the positive effect on the skin.

 The application period is 30 minutes. Local anesthetic creams may be applied before the procedure.
It is a method that can be applied to anyone who requires it. However it should not be applied to those having very low platelet count, cancer patients and patients who have a bleeding disorder.