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The nose, the most attention-grabbing organ located in the middle of the face constitutes one of the key elements of the facial character. Rhinoplasty is the operation of intervening at the inner and outer structure of the nose by reshaping it in order to solve aesthetic and functional problems of the nose.

In rhinoplasty operation, a natural and aesthetic nose in harmony with the person’s face and able to conduct breathing function easily is aimed.

Basically, there are two types of rhinoplasty operations such as close and open rhinoplasty. The type of the operation should be decided by the doctor after the diagnosis. Because the proper type depends on the patient’s nose structure.

Treatment Details


How To Prepare Before The Surgery?

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General rules apply for rhinoplasty are; stop taking or regulating Aspirin and other blood-diluting drugs least 1 week before the surgery, not consuming vitamins (such as vitamin e), herbal products (tomato seeds, cherry stalk etc) herbal teas, not taking any alcohol within 24-48 hours before the surgery, quitting smoke 3 weeks before the surgery and not smoking in the recovery period after the surgery.

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Surgery Details

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed and How Is The Period After The Surgery?

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Rhinoplasty job operation could be performed under general or local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. There are two techniques of rhinoplasty as “Closed” and “Open” and both techniques have their pros and cons. The techniques to be used depends on the existing deformity. The surgeon decides on the technique to be used depending on the existing nose deformity and expectations of the patient.

The duration of the operation is 1-3 hours. Thermoplastic splint is applied on the back of the nose and silicon splint is applied inside the nose. The patient could return home after 6-8 hours after the surgery or could stay at the hospital for 1 night. Mild edema and bruises could be seen, this appearance will fade away within 1 week. In-nose silicon splints are removed through nostrils on the 2nd or 3rd day. The splint placed to protect the nose from swelling and maintain its shape is removed on the 7th day and bandage is applied. Our patients could return to their jobs and social lives after one week.

A mild pain and swelling could be felt after the surgery. This could be easily solved with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. The final shape of the nose could be obtained from 2 months to 1 year. The patient should be protected from any trauma and sunlight after the operation.

Treatment Plan

  • Stay in Turkey : 6- 8 Days
  • Stay in Hospital : 1 Day
  • Operation Type : General or local anesthesia, or sedation anesthesia
  • Companion : Not needed.  Patient can take care of himself.
  • Surgery Time : 1 – 3 Hours

Open Rhinoplasty

Close Rhinoplasty