Vaser Liposuction Turkey

Fat tissue in our body consists of fat cells. Fat cells are formed and developed until the end of adolescence and no new fat cells are formed later; the existing fat cells show size difference as increased and decreased periodically in time.

Women experience this increase in hips, hiplines, inner legs and abdominal region while men experience it in the waist and abdominal region. In these areas, a fat mass resistant to weight loss methods such as sports and diets after the age of 30 could become discomforting for the person. “Fat-shaping” operation could be performed under this kind of circumstances.

Fat-shaping is the operation of removal of excessive fat tissue by using various techniques and devices (liposuction) and injection of fat to the area which lacks fat tissue (fat-graft). It must be considered that none of these operations are weight loss methods.

Vaser Liposuction Istanbul

The main purpose of this operation is to shape the body lines of the person by removing regional fat masses. Depending on the individual’s case, 10% of the body mass in average could be removed and the person could get 1-2 size thinner. If the person does not take care of his/her diet after the liposuction operations, weight gain could arise although it would be proportioned with the other regions of the body.

This is an operation performed usually on young and middle-aged women and men with regional fat masses and good skin elasticity.

Treatment Details


How To Prepare Before The Surgery?

General rules apply for liposuction are; stop taking or regulating Aspirin and other blood-diluting drugs least 1 week before the surgery, not consuming vitamins (such as vitamin e), herbal products (tomato seeds, cherry stalk etc) herbal teas, not taking any alcohol within 24-48 hours before the surgery, quitting smoke 3 weeks before the surgery and not smoking in the recovery period after the surgery.

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Surgery Details

How Is Liposuction Operation Performed and How Is The Period After The Surgery?

Vaser Liposuction

Usually a one-day surgical operation performed under general or sedation anesthesia depending on the size and number of the region. Special liquids are injected on the regional fat mass and the fat mass is removed from the body through 3-4 mm holes by thin tubes using vacuum.Liposuction could be performed as lipolysis in which classical special liquids are injected as well as laser lipolysis or ultrasound supported lipolysis in necessary situations.

The conducted researches show that none of these techniques are superior to others. The important thing is to apply the appropriate technique to the appropriate patient.

The surgery usually takes 1-3 hours. Patient could return to home (hotel) after 6 hours. First 1-2 days, the injected pink liquid could ooze out from the cannula holes. Pain could be experienced depending on the region that liposuction is performed on but the pain is usually similar to the muscle pain experienced after performing sports and could be relieved with painkillers.

Edema and bruises could be seen in the first days after the liposuction. It is important to wear a corset for 4 weeks bacause of the edema. Sport activities after 1 week and procedures such as radio frequency, lymphatic drainage, LPG after wearing corset are useful in the reduction of edema and tightening of the tissue.

Edema decreases significantly in 2-3 months after the operation and the liposuction area takes its final shape.

Treatment Plan

  • Stay in Turkey : 4 – 6 Days
  • Stay in Hospital : 1 – 2 Days
  • Operation Type : General or sedation anesthesia
  • Companion : Not needed. Patient can take care of himself.
  • Surgery Time : 1 – 3 Hours